The Neck — Bruny Island

5 Amazing Free Camps in Tasmania

We love to go free camping in the most beautiful places. Australia offers so many wonderful opportunities to free camp and Tasmania is no exception. Beautiful nature, amazing wildlife and pristine beaches equals wonderful free campsites. We’ve listed the 5 best free camps in Tasmania we found on a recent trip. Camptoo approved!

#5. Cockle Creek (South) 

Cockle Creek is at the end of the road, quite literally! Its completely worth it as its an absolutely stunning location in the Southwest National Park. An awesome National Park for hikers to find unique walking tracks. It also offers numerous beaches and fantastic voes for water lovers.

Cockle Creek (South) 

#4. Friendly Beaches — Isaacs Point

As the free campsites in Wineglass Bay are booked out before the summer even starts, the Friendly Beaches offer a pretty good alternative. Cosy numbered spots are lined up just a stone’s throw away from the beach. There is no booking system and the places are a couple meters apart from each other so there is plenty of privacy. It can get quite busy here as well, so arriving early and enjoy your time on the beach can definitely pay off. Furthermore, you’ll also be greeted by the wallabies hopping around your site. After a good night’s sleep you can start your trip to Wineglass Bay from there.

Friendly Beaches — Isaacs Point

#3. Binnalong Bay/Bay of Fires

This isn’t just one free camp. There are at least 9 campsites along the coast near Billabong Bay to the Bay of Fires. And they are all free! There is a good reason that this place is so popular. The colours are just amazing here, so it’s great if you are a budding photographer. The beaches are blindingly white, the blue water looks too good to not take a dip and the enormous orange boulders that the Bay of Fires is famous for, complete the colourful picture. We stayed at Jeanneret Beach Camp Ground but a short walk along the coast showed that the Cosy Beach had some really nice spots as well. There is nothing there to block your view from the ocean. A little further to the north are some campsites at Sloop Reef. You just can’t really go wrong in this area.

Binnalong Bay

#2. The Neck — Bruny Island *

You caught us, we are cheating a little here. It is not completely free but there is a donation box (10$ dollar fee for 2 adults). This campsite is beautifully located near the beach and just on the edge of the neck. This spot is also very close to where the penguins come ashore at night. There are a lot of trees at this campsite that make for good shade and with nice big spots. It has a pitted toilet and non-treated water. Just off the road, easy to reach and easy to start exploring Bruny Island from there. One of our favourites.

The Neck — Bruny Island

#1. Vale of Belvoir — Lake Lea (near Cradle Mountain)

This is definitely our favourite. The campsite itself is not very special, as it is just a circle marked with big boulders. Being self-contained ánd having a 4WD comes in very handy here. The road to the campsite is quite rough, but we’ve seen some 2WD’s as well (and even a 6 berth motorhome!). So if you are willing to overlook these downsides, you will be rewarded. We found the place to be magical. You could easily be the only one there and then you have the beautiful surroundings all to yourself, shared with the many wallabies, pademelons and wombats. Lake Lea is just next to the campsite and the road that takes you there is full of wildlife that makes for a great morning or evening walk. Because the field is mostly open the sunset is just amazing here. There is a nice boardwalk with some information about the area as well, and there have been some platypus sightings in the lake.

Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit with beautiful nature, unique wildlife and splendid culture. Enjoy these free camps in Tasmania responsibly and let us know in the comments if we have missed any! If you want to rent a privately owned vehicle in Tasmania, click the link to see our Tasmanian campers!

Vale of Belvoir

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