Cancellation policy

The cancellation policies will only apply if a down paid booking is cancelled.

  • Charges for pick-up and drop-off service and cleaning fees will always be refunded.
  • The Camptoo booking fee and the service fee, which is included in the rental sum, will not be refunded.
  • The booking is only cancelled after a confirmation from Camptoo which includes the cancellation note.
  • The cancellation costs are based on a percentage of the total rental sum and the time of cancellation: More than 8 weeks before departure: 25% of the rental sum
    8 weeks before trip until 4 weeks before leaving: 60% of the rental sum
    4 weeks before trip until 2 weeks before departure: 80% of the rental sum
    Within 2 weeks before departure: 100% of the rental sum
  • Other conditions apply if the camper or caravan does not match the conditions as advertised during the transfer, please see the terms and conditions for this.

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