After publishing a listing on Camptoo we are starting to find perfect travellers for your vehicle. If a potential renter is interested, he can either send you a message via Camptoo or request a reservation for your vehicle. As soon as someone tries to get in touch, we will send you a notification via email and SMS.

We will also send you a complete overview of the reservation with destination, number of persons, rental period and potential income. If you want to accept the reservation you can simply click the orange “Accept” button. Otherwise feel free to ask further questions or even reject the reservation request. You can also accept multiple reservation requests for the same period. A reservation request in only complete once the renter paid the initial or full amount of the booking fee. If you have accepted multiple reservation request with overlapping dates, we will automatically cancel all the other requests.

After you have accepted the reservation request, the renter has the chance to complete the booking and pay the booking fee. We will then check the identity of the traveller and the validity of the driver’s licence.

Please note: If you do not respond to requests within 24 hours by accepting it or by sending a follow up question, Camptoo will automatically cancel the request.