To set off well prepared and carefree it’s best to have a look at a travel and/or excess reduction insurance policies.

Travel insurance

With a travel insurance you are usually well insured for personal accident, personal liability, trip delay, luggage, cancellation and much more. You can choose to get the cover for a single trip or for multiple trips within a year. It’s best to thoroughly compare the various offers.

Which insurance provider offers travel insurance?

Various insurance providers offer travel insurance policies. We advise to check-out

Excess reduction insurance

As a renter you have to pay a security bond of $1500 for motorhomes and campervan and $1000 for caravans. The security bond is here to cover the owners excess in case of damage or accidents. So be sure to get your security bond back even if something where to happen, you can take out an excess reduction insurance for a fixed $-amount per travelling day. Some travel insurance policies already include an excess cover. However, most of these policies do’t cover rental vehicle from peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Camptoo.

Which insurance provider offers excess reduction insurance?

A lot of insurance providers offer excess reduction policies. However, as mentined above, most of these policies do not cover peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Camptoo.

That’s why Camptoo advises to check out RentalCover. RentalCover is an innovative insurance company that covers rental vehicles from Camptoo. Just click the link below, choose the vehicle, the destination and the dates you are travelling and have your security bond insured.

How does payout of the insurance work?

If there are any surcharges after your trip (for damage or accident), we will have to deduct this amount from your security bond. You can then claim this amount back under your excess reduction policy.

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