During the pickup the renter will collect the vehicle from you. This is an important moment! You will get to know the renter and are able to ask all the question you still may have!

You will fill in the transfer form together with the traveller. This form makes sure that everything in the motorhome is in good order and that you and the traveller agree on the state of the motorhome at the time of the pickup. You and the traveller should check if there are any dents or scratches and if the vehicle has been cleaned. Together with the odometer reading you can note everything on the transfer form. Once all the necessary information has been filled in, you and the traveller both sign the transfer form.

You as the owner and the ultimate expert of your vehicle will achieve the best rental results, if you take your time to explain how everything works. Tell the traveller  how it should be driven and mention all the ins and outs of your vehicle.