To get the best out of your listing and get as many reservation requests as possible, simply use the following checklist:

  • Add at least 10 beautiful and clear photos to your listing. Show your vehicle from the front, the back and the sides. Furthermore, add some nice and detailed pictures from the inside. The more details the better. It always helps to show the driver’s cabin, the kitchen, the seating area, the shower/toilet as well as the sleeping area.
  • Add a personal but comprehensivee description. What is special about your vehicle and why? Why should a fellow traveller hire your vehicle?
  • Make sure your nightly rental fee is set competetively. Compare your pricing with other listings on our platform. We also recommend to use different prices for different seasons (low, high and shoulder season) and to set discounts (e.g. long-term, last-minute or early bird discounts).
  • Always keep your calendar up-to-date and do not forget to block out dates when your vehicle is not available (e.g. if you are on holiday).
  • Add a personal profile picture and write a short description about yourself. Potential renters are interested in their host.
  • Respond quickly to reservation requests and messages and always respond with writing a text. This way you’ll increase the chances that a potential renter completes the booking.

If you follow the tips above you should be able to get more listings.