Insurance and roadside assistance

Does the traveller need an additional insurance product?

The traveller does not need extra insurance. With the hire cover provided by CIL the vehicle stays insured throughout the rental period.  You can read more about this here. However, we advise travellers to take out a seperate travel insurance (in case of cancellations) or an excess reduction insurance to cover their excess.

How do you cover my insurance excess?

Camptoo collects a security deposit from travellers of $1 500 for motorhomes and campervans and $1 000 for caravans. This security deposit covers your excess in case of damage and any other additional costs (fines, tolls, excess mileage).

How does it work with insurance and roadside assistance?

If you’d like to hire out your vehicle, your comprehensive insurance needs to have a hire cover option. CIL insurance is offering such a cover. This hire cover protects your caravan, motorhome or camper trailer, while it’s being enjoyed by happy travellers on their journey. Read more about CIL’s insurance product here. If you’d like […]