Getting started

How can I get more reservation requests for my listing?

To get the best out of your listing and get as many reservation requests as possible, simply use the following checklist: Add at least 10 beautiful and clear photos to your listing. Show your vehicle from the front, the back and the sides. Furthermore, add some nice and detailed pictures from the inside. The more […]

How do I update my availability calendar?

You can easily update the availability of your vehicle.Just follow these simple steps: Log in with your email address and your password on Click in the right top corner on ‘Hi! (your name)’. A drop-down menu will appear Click in this menu on ‘My calendar’. You will then see your calendar On this page […]

How can I change my password and email?

There are two ways of changing your password. You can either click the I forgot my password link on the log in screen and follow the steps that will be sent to you by mail. or you log in with your Camptoo account and follow these steps: Click the Hi! [your name] button in the header Click the Edit profile link […]

I have not received a verification email. What shall I do?

It can happen that these emails get stuck somewhere. If you haven’t received the verification email within 24 hours, please contact us by phone (03 9988 6111), email ( or live chat. We are always happy to help and will send you the email again. We know that you’ve probably checked all your mailboxes, however, […]

How do I sign up to Camptoo?

Signing up to Camptoo is super simple. Just click on the “Sign Up” button in the header of the website, enter your name, phone number and email address and click sign up. We will then send you a verification email to your email address. By clicking the link in the email you can verify your […]