Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the excess?

The excess per event for a motorhome or campervan is $1500 and for a caravan $1000. There is also the option to insure the excess by taking out an excess reduction policy.

My reservation request has been rejected, what can I do?

It can happen that an owner does not accept your reservation request. This can have multiple reasons but it’s mostly about availability. We advise to checkout our vehicles again and send a another reservation request to an owner with a similar vehicle. If you send a reservation request it’s always best if you upload a […]

Where can I see the inventory and all the features of the vehicle?

All the available accessories, inventory and features of the vehicle are usually displayed in the listing of the vehicle.  If you as a (potential) renter have a question or simply want to know more about the camper or caravan, feel free to send the owner a message with your questions. The owner will be more […]

When do I have to pay the balance?

If you haven’t paid the full amount when booking your vehicle, you will have to pay the balance no later than 8 weeks before departure. If you pay for a booking within the next 8 weeks, you’ll have to pay the full amount. We will send you a reminder email when the balance becomes due. […]

How can I pay the security bond?

The payment of the security deposit works the same way as the booking fee. Just follow these simple steps: Log in with your e-mail address and password on Click on ‘Hi, (your name)’ at the top right of the page A selection menu appears, click on ‘My trips’ in this selection menu You will […]

Can I have a look at the vehicle before I pay?

It is possible to have a look at the vehicle before making the payment. However, th eowner of the vehicle has to agree to it. If possible, always try to check out the vehicle and meet the owner in person. It’s pleasant experience for both parties and there are multiple advantages if you decide to […]

Is it possible to cancel an already accepted reservation request?

You can only cancel a reservation if it has not been paid yet. Paid reservations are complete reservations and can not be cancelled free of charge. If the reservation has not been paid you can still cancel it free of charge. Simply log in, navigate to your reservations and click cancel . Otherwise feel free […]

What’s next when I accept a reservation request?

After publishing a listing on Camptoo we are starting to find perfect travellers for your vehicle. If a potential renter is interested, he can either send you a message via Camptoo or request a reservation for your vehicle. As soon as someone tries to get in touch, we will send you a notification via email […]