Creating and editing your listing

Is it possible to set house rules?

Yes, you can set any house rules you want . It’s your vehicle after all and you should be able to set as many house rules as you want. We have a couple of predefined house rules you can simply say no or yes to: Smoking allowed (yes/no) Kids allowed (yes/no) Pets allowed (yes/no) Festivals […]

Does Camptoo need to approve my vehicle?

Yes, we do. If you list your vehicle on your own and ask for publication of the listing, one of our friendly Camptoo staff will review your listing, contact you to discuss any questions Camptoo or you may have. We will then publish your advertisement. This way we make sure that you get a proper […]

How do I list my vehicle?

You can either create your own advertisement or ask one of our friendly Camptoo staff to do it for you. We will then draft an advertisement for you which you would need to check and if necessary adjust or complete. To create the advertisements either you or we need the following information: Basic details of […]

Is it possible to charge seasonal or peak rates?

Yes, this is possible. When creating your listing you set a base rate for all days throughout the year. If you want to adjust your price to account for seasonal peaks or even weekend rates you can easily select this period in your availability calendar and change the nightly rental fee for the selected period […]

How should I determine my nightly rental fee?

The most difficult part of creating your advertisement is getting an understanding of how much you can charge for your vehicle. If you set the price too low, you don’t earn what you could. If you overprice the vehicle, you will not be able to hire it out that often. So the pricing is a […]