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Can I travel safely despite the Corona virus?

Your well-being is our top priority and our objective at Camptoo is to let you experience the freedom of a camper holiday carefree. Now that the world is dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we realise that it is extremely important to live up to the trust you place in us.

We have listened to the needs of our users and check the updates of the WHO (World Health Organisation) on a daily basis. We work with our team of developers, product specialists, community managers and customer service specialists to develop the right solutions, which we would like to share with you. 

Before your trip

Don't have a paid reservation yet?

If you have not yet made a downpayment for a reservation then you are able to cancel with ease and at no cost. If you are considering making a booking and want additional peace of mind for any restrictions which may come into effect, then we strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance policy which covers you in the event of cancellation. Not only will this cover your booking with Camptoo, but also means any activities, accommodation etc will also be included*.

I already have a paid reservation?

If you are leaving with a motorhome or caravan in the short term, it is important to check whether your intended travel destination is in a risk area/zone. 

Can I change my travel dates? 

Camptoo recommends this strongly for any bookings effected by COVID restrictions. You can change your travel dates easily and free of charge. To do this, confirm a new date with the owner and follow the below steps:

  • Confirm  with a message via the message center  between yourself and the owner(s) for the new dates

  • Contact our Customer Happiness team: they can then  immediately see in the message correspondence that both parties have agreed to move the dates 

  • You will receive a confirmation email which will reflect your new travel dates

We also offer an online tool that allows you to directly change the dates of paid bookings online. This feature is readily available within your reservation overview. Should this feature not be accessible for you eg: should you have excess risk insurance, or special booking conditions - then please complete the steps as mentioned above or contact our Customer Happiness Team directly.

I want to keep my booking but don't have confirmed dates?

We understand that when restrictions come into place our plans are not always easy to reschedule. But, the key feeling among our travellers is that their well deserved holiday is something they still want to go ahead with. If you find yourself uncertain as to when you can travel, then you do have the option available to see all funds paid converted into travel credit for you to use at a later time. Please note that travel credit cannot be refunded. 

Can I cancel the booking?

We do recommend moving the booking, as this can be done free of charge at all times, but if of course this option does not work for you then you are able to cancel. If you are to cancel a booking with a departure date after the 1st June 2020 the standard cancellation conditions will apply. Your reservation overview will state which type of cancellation policy which applies to you.

During your trip

Travelling with a camper or caravan has a number of advantages. This is how best to make the most of it: 

  • Take ample supplies and fill up the water tank. You have your own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that only you can access.

  • You decide where and when you go outside the vehicle. This way you are not exposed to other people close to you (and the associated risk of infection). 

  • You have the freedom to go where ever you feel like going every single day and may be able to change your travel destination to another (safer) region. Follow the guidelines of the WHO and avoid regions with negative travel advice. 

  • Check your gas bottles in advance. With filled gas bottles and a fully charged battery, you are completely self-sufficient and you can camp away from larger gatherings and crowds.

After the trip

If you have any doubts about your health after the trip, please let the owner and the Camptoo team know. The well-being of our community remains our top priority. We work together with our owners and provide assistance so that measures are taken to return the vehicle clean to the next renter. 


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