Camptoo Members Insurance Cover

Camptoo Membership includes full comprehensive cover to all owners with a vehicle listed for hire on its platform. Backed by a national network of repairers and a leading provider of Private RV hire insurance we can offer you indemnity for risks during hire, as well as during your private use if you choose the Annual cover. We offer two flexible options:

Daily Membership Cover

For owners looking to hire out for short periods or just starting out, this solution gives the greatest flexible, along with comprehensive cover for just the days on hire. Simply select this option when creating your listing in the insurance section, it's that easy.

This cover is a protective layer during rental periods, which means that for your personal use and whenever the vehicle is just parked in front of your house, your annual insurance covers it, but when you rent it our, you pay a premium for the days you actually have a renter, and this covers the additional risk of renting out.

For more information:  Daily Membership Cover product overview.

Annual Membership Cover

This is your one-stop option, designed to allow owners to maximise their hire out potential. This option gives hire cover throughout the year, whilst also covering owners private usage.

For more information. Annual Membership Cover product overview.

For annual membership pricing, including government charges and GST, see here.

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