The best drone to buy for caravan

The Best Drone to Buy for Caravan and Motorhome Travels

We don’t think there is a better combination than travelling Australia in a caravan or motorhome and capturing the epic moments with a drone. There is something about the vastness of the Australian landscape that is really highlighted when capturing it with a drone. We asked a few caravan and motorhome owners about what they thought were the best drones for caravan and motorhome travels around Australia.

We reached out to a number of people that travel Australia in a caravan or motorhome and asked them what the best drone for their travels was. We wanted an answer specifically for caravan and motorhome owners. Here are the options they came back with.

DJI SPARK – Perfect to test the water

The DJI SPARK is quite popular with caravan and motorhome owners. It is a good drone to purchase if you want to test the water (or better the sky) and see if you really like capturing your epic travels with a drone. It is the most affordable drone in the DJI consumer drone segment but with the integrated 12 MP camera you will still be to take fantastic pictures.

The guys from The Great Escape use the DJI SPARK as they continue to explore Australia and shoot some great drone video content. They have built up a huge community through filming their trip around Australia in their Cub Camper. Here is what they think about this drone.

We’ve got the DJI SPARK. At the time we bought it, it was quite a bit cheaper than the next model up. So we could not justify that price difference. With the new DJI MAVIC AIR there is a perfect middle ground nowadays I think.

Besides the price difference, another reason to purchase the SPARK was it’s size. It’s nice and small and fits anywhere which was super important to us as we are travelling in a Cub Camper. It still offers fantastic quality to take photos and shoot videos. It’s really great seeing Australia from the skies.

The SPARK is perfect to start the drone game. It’s compact, shoots great pictures and movies and is easy to handle. When you think the pictures and movies aren’t good enough anymore or you want some more airtime, check out the MAVIC AIR.

DJI MAVIC AIR – The affordable high performer

The DJI MAVIC AIR closes the gap between SPARK and the bigger and more expensive MAVIC PRO. It’s definitely a great option for all caravan and motorhomes to look at. The MAVIC AIR varies substantially from the SPARK. While still being very sleek, the MAVIC AIR has a slightly bigger body than the SPARK. However, it’s foldable which allows for easily carrying it around. With 430g it’s heavier than the SPARK but if offers a better camera, longer flight time and higher maximum speed.

The integrated 12MP camera is an interesting one as the pictures and videos taken with the MAVIC AIR are generally more realistic. We like this feature because a lot of pictures and videos taken by drones have a lot of filters applied. However, the more realistic content shot by the MAVIC AIR can potentially also turn some people off.

The MAVIC AIR is a affordable high performer. However, people who like to push their drones to the limit might want to have a lock at the MAVIC PRO.

DJI MAVIC PRO – The standout drone

The MAVIC PRO was a real standout for the best drone for caravan and motorhome owners who want to capture their journeys around Australia. It seems to tick all the boxes.

Most importantly for caravan and motorhome owners with limited storage space, size is a vital consideration. Being able to fold the MAVIC PRO makes storing it an absolute breeze and it easily fits into a camera bag. The simplicity of use is another factor. The caravan and motorhome owners we spoke to even mentioned that the MAVIC PRO would be a great option to start with.

Four Hands and a Tin Can have been travelling Australia since 2016 and shoot some epic content with their drone. We asked them a few questions about the MACIC PRO.

After so much research and trying to justify costs we made the decision to get flying. Spending our money on a DJI MAVIC PRO was the best choice ever. We really wanted to capture our amazing journey from another angle, so this was the answer.

We, as a family (after a lot of time spent for research) choose this model and type of drone as firstly it was a DJI. DJI are known for their fabulous quality and are currently the leading drone manufacturer. The high quality, the inbuilt camera, the ease to quickly replace the battery and such easy controls make the drone easy to operate.

The MAVIC PRO is an extremely compact drone. Unlike other models including Phantoms that seem bulky and need a separate bag to carry. It all folds up into a nice shoulder bag that we got with our package which also included 2 more batteries and other accessories.

Matt Sutton who runs the massively popular Everything Caravan and Camping website and Facebook group completely agrees with the MAVIC PRO being perfect for motorhome and caravan owners.

The compactness of the MAVIC PRO paired with the quality of the camera and the flight time was a real winner for Matt. At the moment he is in the beginning phase of learning how to edit. Good on you Matt, it’s always great to learn something new and you can check some of his footage here:

DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO – The professional amateur

The Phantom 4 Pro is used by the more professional and semi-professional drone user. It is substantially more expensive than the others on the list. The camera and the image output gives you an amazing image quality.

We had a quick chat with Steve Chaz who is a professional photographer, you can find his work here 

I’ve got the PHANTOM 4 PRO because I take photos professionally and also do commercial work. In saying that I wouldn’t travel with my kind of drone. You really need something smaller like the MAVIC PRO or MAVIC AIR. Quality isn’t as good but the trade off for portability makes up for it. I’m travelling Asia at the moment and honestly it is the last trip I’m doing with the PHANTOM because it’s too big to travel with and takes up so much room.

The DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO is a fantastic drone but it is important to realise what you need before just blindly purchasing one of the best drones on the market. Firstly, it isn’t as compact as others on the list and this can cause trouble for caravan and motorhome owners. We all know how important storage space is and this needs to be taken into account when looking at drones. In saying that it does shoot amazing footage and you will be able to video your next caravan or camping trip from a whole new angle, just be ready for jealous friends!

The best drone for you?

Drones are amazing accessories and an awesome way to capture your next caravan, motorhome and campervan trip. You can see a whole new world and there is no better way to highlight your travels than with a drone.

It’s important to weigh up how you are going to use the drone and purchase the one that best fits your needs on your future campervan and caravan adventures. Is this your first drone and you want to see what all the fuss is about? Maybe the DJI SPARK is for you?

Are you wanting a bit of a step up but still want a sleek compact design? A DJI MAVIC AIR would be your best bet.

Do you want to capture your adventures and maybe build a bit of a social media following like Four Hands and a Tin Can but still want to able to store it in your caravan? Well the DJI MAVIC PRO is the on for you.

Looking to become a fulltime drone photographer and start a business as well as shooting your caravan and motorhome trips? Well the DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO could be what you are looking for.

It all comes down to your needs but we hoped this has helped caravan and motorhome owners around Australia to decide which drone is the best for them.

If you have any comments or further thoughts on this feel free to leave a comment. Thanks to everyone for your input. It was great to highlight your awesome drone photography skills.

Rules around drone use

Drones can be a heap of fun and offer you a whole new way to capture your holiday but there are also some important rules about where you can fly. There is a great app called “Can I Fly There” which shows you where you can fly throughout Australia. This app was created by the Australian Aviation authority to highlight where you can fly your drone as well as some safety tips to make sure you are using your drone safely. With great power comes great responsibility so make sure you are up to date with the rules when using your drone.

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