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Nonna, your home on the road. UK & EU Insurance + Breakdown included

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter | (9 reviews)

Bradford, England, United Kingdom

sleeps 4
Manual transmission
Pets allowed

About your Camptoo host

Your host Terry

Responds within 8 hours
Responds to 93% of the messages
Accepts 76% of the requests


6.94 m
2 m
2.7 m
Year built:
Gross Vehicle Mass:
3400 kg
km's included p/w:
3000 km
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals allowed
Non-British licence allowed
Minimum age: 21 years


Policy territory
Accommodation following an accident and Roadside assistance


The security bond for this vehicle is $1,500. The bond will be refunded after your trip ended and needs to be authorized at least 2 days before your trip starts.

9 Reviews

I was hoping to post a positive review for the Mercedes ‘Nonna’ motorhome hire but sadly the whole experience was extremely poor from start to finish.
The ‘pick up’ process involved travelling down a very steep, cobbled stone valley in Halifax which isn’t ideal for any type of vehicle. This is an ‘heads up’ warning to anyone thinking of using this firm to hire a vehicle as the navigation to and from the venue needs care and should really be explained beforehand by the owners, especially to inexperienced drivers like ourselves.
It’s also a requirement by anyone renting a vehicle to wear face masks upon vehicle pick up – totally understandable due to the current pandemic – so we were a little surprised the owners didn’t reciprocate initially (though did when handing the vehicle back in).
The Motorhome we rented looked nice and plush on both the inside and outside from the online advert pictures. Upon inspection at the pickup point however, it had quite a few external dents and scratches. In isolation, not a big problem but we were then told in a rather a ‘matter of fact’ way of other issues including that the awning didn’t work and one of the rings on the gas hob was broken – a simple apology at this point wouldn’t have gone amiss but never arrived. Apparently, the owners ‘had been too busy to do all repairs’. Sorry, this simply isn’t good enough and is a lame excuse!
One of the features inside, needed to be switched on and off 4 times for it to work – which seemed odd, but suggests something else not working as it should.
Inside the van, there was a warning light around faulty seatbelts/airbags on permanent display on the dash and upon checking, we were told this was only a sensor problem. We couldn’t really prove this one way or the other but took our chances and drove the vehicle away. It didn’t then take long to discover the brakes were also spongy and the handbrake not the most robust, which isn’t ideal driving away in a hilly location such as Halifax.
Prior to booking the vehicle we were also given some ‘You Tube’ videos and some of these had some useful information on how to use the vehicle, important to first time mobile home users like ourselves. However, these could have been much more comprehensive and did not cover all key aspects such as using the heater. This was however very briefly mentioned verbally upon picking the vehicle up but not sufficiently detailed – ‘turn the switch on and if this doesn’t work, use the panel’ - when we tried to operate on the first night in the vehicle had all sorts of issues trying to configure and wasn’t at all simple as explained (the control panel also badly positioned in the vehicle at an awkward angle).
We did eventually suss it out- through trial, error, and a fair bit of time-consuming frustration. It would though have been helpful to have a more detailed explanation – or a You Tube Video – or even just some simple written instructions left in the van (on all key user aspects, not just the heating). One positive is that the vehicle got very warm once we knew how to set it up.
The inside of the Nonna wasn’t A1 either, again not obvious from the online pictures. Some cosmetic damage here and there, though the bed at the top of the van, scored well for its comfort if not its accessibility. The ladder getting up this was on the steep side and the basic metal rod steps uncomfortable to climb without any shoes on (maybe a slightly bigger pair of wooden ladders, with proper steps would have been more user friendly).
Once on the caravan site, the hook up was easy and whilst we didn’t use everything in the vehicle such as the TV or Gas, the toilet was easy to both operate and empty. The reversing camera on the Nonna is also a good feature – and actually worked!
We parked the van up for 3 nights on the East Coast but unfortunately, this was enough to drain what little charge the vehicle battery held. So, we then had to ring the RAC prior to departure. This added 3-4 hours to arriving back in Halifax and the RAC diagnosed the battery needed replacing. They did get us going via the jump leads but to ‘rub salt into the wounds’ there was a further warning light on the way home around the number plate light needing replacing.
This vehicle incidentally has 135k miles on the clock and no doubt has had a number of other users over the years which could explain it’s less than satisfactory condition but doesn’t justify renting out the vehicle in this state.
The owners added to our frustration and upset when they replied to our update on ‘WhatsApp’ with some rather blasé comments to the effect of ‘these things happen with rental vehicles (as regards the flat battery)’. I would however think if the vehicle was serviced/repaired regularly, most if not all of this could have been avoided.
Overall, what we hoped would be a pleasant first-time experience of using a Mobile Home, turned into something quite the opposite. We’ve tried to be objective with our comments above hence giving one star rather no star ratings for the few plus points mentioned. However, the vehicle clearly wasn’t as described, didn’t feel totally safe to drive at all times, the handover could have been better, there was no apology initially (though we did get one for the battery issue when handing the vehicle in) and at the point we returned the vehicle, we were really stressed out by the whole episode your earliest opportunity.
We did ultimately make a formal written complaint to the owners, requesting a Distress and Inconvenience payment. The subsequent response showed a degree of sympathy, but our request for payment was rejected as ‘these things can happen, and you accepted the van knowing it’s condition so it's not our responsibility’. The owners even had the cheek to claim that we broke the toilet (an absolute lie) but didn’t charge us because of the battery problem.
Camptoo attempted to mediate but the comments were cold and unsympathetic and merely echoed those of the owner. Hardly surprising given Camptoo’s conflict of interests in keeping its members happy! Suffice to say, we wouldn’t go through either of these firms again when we rent another Motorhome.

Loved the Nonna. Nice clean straight van, Terry was a pleasure to deal with, we will be renting from him again for sure. We had an amazing trip!

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