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Luxury glamping for two!

Hobby 750 | (3 reviews)

St. Asaph, Wales, United Kingdom

sleeps 2
Manual transmission
Pets allowed

About your Camptoo host

Your host Robin

Responds within 4 hours
Responds to 100% of the messages
Accepts 83% of the requests


8 m
2.6 m
2.8 m
Year built:
Gross Vehicle Mass:
4500 kg
Included travel distance/week:
1000 km
Ducato 2.8 tdi
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
No children
Snow destinations not allowed
Festivals not allowed
Non-British licence allowed
Minimum age: 25 years


Policy territory
Roadside assistance


The security bond for this vehicle is $1,500. The bond will be refunded after your trip ended and needs to be authorized at least 2 days before your trip starts.

3 Reviews

Booked for 5 nights.
Van very very large. Its an older van, but was very clean and tidy.
Shower only 1min 40 seconds of hot water....
On third morning of holiday, fuse blown and all hot water dumped. Battery red hot.
Informed by owner to keep an eye on it...
Upon arrival at second location, hook up attached, however, at about 1800hrs, went to check said battery, which was red hot, and oozing battery acid.
Contacted owner, who told us to disconnect battery ourselves. With no mechanical knowledge, or tools.
Had to ask fellow camper....
Once battery disconnected, owner told us not to attach hookup in case second leisure battery over heated also. And he would contact RAC.
As a result, we were left without heating, water, or lights, overnight, from 1800 to 0900 following morning.....
An it was flipping freezing.....
RAC unable to attend due to no day light and the dangers of messing with an overheated battery in darkness.

Following morning, RAC tipped up, to inform us the battery was ‘f... Ed’...... his words.

The solution was two cable ties and a straw, to ensure water supply, and it not being continuously dumped due to blown fuse.
Three following days, were very uneasy, as we were constantly checking the second battery in case of overheat.
We remained as we were on hookup and not directly connected to battery, but it ruined holiday. Plus we also lost a nights rental for hook up.

Owner appeared uninterested in out plight, saying, well it could have happened to anyone, that’s motorhome camping.

The battery was obviously a serious concern to owner, as he stated his heart was racing and he didn’t eat for two days...

It completely ruined the holiday.

We believed we should have been appropriately compensated, but were only offered one night by the owner. Saying, well take it to Camptoo for mediation.

This experience has completely ruined our holiday.
Having now spoken to reputable hire company, I would never use this site or privately owned vans again. You have no comeback and are pretty much left to sort the issues out yourself.

Reply from Robin:

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are genuinely sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced.

We always want our guests to have a terrific time. Unfortunately, on this occasion something outside our control went wrong.

There are elements of your review that we feel do not correspond with our understanding of the timeline of events and our handling of the repair response.

It is challenging to provide immediate support and speedy repairs at a distance. Despite many text messages, phone and video calls to establish the issue and provide a solution, we accept that this may not have happened as quickly as you expected and that you were inconvenienced for one of your five nights. In this case your remote location and implications of covid-19 impacted on the RAC response time.

Given that the situation was remedied within 24 hours and that you then chose to continue your holiday, we felt that your request for a 100% refund was unwarranted.

As we could not reach an agreement on your return, we then suggested that Camptoo mediate a fair outcome.

Kind regards,


May 2021

The motorhome was very clean, comfortable and well equipped.The hand over was extremely informative and useful. There was also an in-depth manual to hand with instructions for everything about the motorhome. Robin and Rebecca were very accommodating and put us at ease on our first adventure! Secure indoor parking for our vehicle. We would definately recommend and would use again in the future! Thank You for our bottle of fizz!

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