Australia’s Best Winter Camping Destinations

Top Winter Campervan Destinations

Top Winter Campervan Destinations Australia

How many days, weeks, or possibly even months have you spent wondering where to go for your next road trip? It can be a pain trying to decide whether to go to your favourite spot that has never let you down over the years or to try explore somewhere new. If you are looking to go somewhere new this winter consider taking inspiration from these destinations.

At Camptoo we have done some research into where we think the best place to visit in the colder winter months in Australia (June-August) are and marked the most popular spots on the map above. Not surprisingly, we chose destinations that are located in the top half of the country where the weather is not too cold, sitting between 15 to 20 degrees celcius.


Average Daily Mean Temperature Australia

Australia’s Best Winter Campervaning Destinations

1. Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay light house

Byron Bay is a very popular camping location but especially in the winter. Amongst a vivacious Byron community, you’ll be surrounded by an eclectic group of shops, pubs and homely cafes. The benefits of camping nearby a popular township allow for easy assess to supplies and an easy escape from the cold.

2. Exmouth, WA

Exmouth, Western Australia

Why not go on a winter getaway to Exmouth, Western Australia? Next to decadent reefs and vast marine life, it’s the perfect adventure for anyone seeking a nature-filled holiday. During the cooler months of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to ponder around this intimate coastal town. Turquoise Bay is a nearby location where you can grab your swimsuit and flippers and make memories that will last a lifetime!

3. Birdsville, QLD

Birdsville Music Festival

Sick of the melancholy blues that the cold winter weather can bring? Join 10,000 others and rock out at the annual ‘Big Red Bash’ music festival located in Birdsville. Held annually in July this event will host artists including Paul Kelly, Shanon Noll, Thirsty Merc, Kate Cebrano and many more. If you want to book a ticket for the three day camping event click here.

One of the best ways to access the event is by using a motorhome. Check out festival permitted campers at camptoo.

4. Sunshine Coast, QLD

Sunshine Coast

The sunshine coast is home to a strip of famous townships and beaches stretching from Caloundra to Cooloola. There are so many great places to see which make it perfect for a road trip along the coast. One of the towns is Noosa Heads which is has a wide range to beach themed shops and plenty of nature walks amoung the mangrove forests providing lots of activities to entertain.

5. Coral Bay, WA

Coral Bay

Geographically close to Exmouth, Coral Bay boasts warm weather, and a stunning marine life. What makes Coral Bay so unique is that the reef starts right at the shore so it is super easy to go for a snorkel and embrace the wildlife animals such as turtles and whale sharks which are safe to swim with. The town has two caravan parks making it easy to find a spot for your caravan or motorhome!


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