Why Autumn is the best time to visit Queensland

Close your eyes and think about Queensland. Picture your surroundings, what do you hear, see, smell and taste? The chances are that you are thinking of being at the famous beaches such as the Whitsundays or Surfers Paradise on a hot sunny day enjoying the blue skies and the sound of some gentle crashing waves as they tumble onto the shore. This place that sounds much like a paradise to many helps to bring over 22 million people annually into Queensland from Australia and abroad. Of course It is not always sunny and happy days like we might imagine, and the best time of year to visit Queensland might actually surprise you.

When is the best time of year to visit Queensland?

If you are one who enjoys warm weather then it might be easy to assume summer is the month to travel in the sunshine state, however this is not actually the best idea! The summer months in Queensland go from December to February and those are the months which have the most rainfall which can cause flooding and thunderstorms, not ideal for a holiday or campervan trip. Therefore, the best season to travel in is actually  mid Autumn from April as it has average temperatures from 15c-30c with much less rain so the climate feels dryer and has a higher frequency of rain free and warm days.

Why are there floods in Queensland right now?

As you may have noticed in the last week, there has been major flooding in Queensland. This is due to sever thunderstorms which has led townships receiving more than 100mm of rain within 24 hours, with Hotham Creek receiving 113mm of rain in 1 hour.

This is having a serious effect on the short term mobility of people within the state, RACQ has reported 117 road closures. When the roads reopen it will be a great time for visiting these flood affected townships. Firstly because the locals will need assistance rebuilding their town and one way to easily contribute to this is spending on their local economy and local shops. Secondly, It will be the start of April which should mark the end of the rainy period meaning you will be able to enjoy classic sunny Queensland that we see in television commercials. Now that the land is hydrated from the flooding we should also start to see a lot of plants flourish along with rivers and waterfalls flowing.

Places to visit Queensland

There are so many places to visit in Queensland that a campervan is a must to see it all to avoid checking in and checking out of a hotel every day. Firstly because it allows you to keep all you things unpacked and so you do not need to have that job of packing every day. Secondly, you have a lot more time on your hands as you get to wake up next to the beach or near to your next destination and do not have to travel back to a more built up area to get a bed to sleep in.

The Great Barrier Reef

Located in the waters near Cairns, the reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. It boasts a diverse and beautiful marine life which can easily be accessed with tour operators in the area able to cruise you out onto the reef itself to see it up close in person.

Daintree Forest

The Daintree Forest is the oldest continually living forest in the world and is a must see as it contains beautiful rivers and forests such as the Mossman Gorge in the photo above. Thing to do in the heritage listed Daintree forest include river cruises, walking with Aboriginal custodians and the Daintree village which also has campgrounds for your motorhome!

Gold Coast

To round out the list is the flood affected Gold Coast, which has beautiful beaches and bays along the coast south of Brisbane. Some of the popular beaches along the gold coast include Min Beach, Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach and Coolangatta.

Final thoughts

Queensland has so many beautiful places to see from picture perfect beaches to biologically and historically rich reefs and forests. Although a great place to explore all year around, there is no doubt that Autumn is the best time of year to visit when the heavy rainfall slows down and the sun is still out. With so many places to see it is definitely best explored in a motorhome which can allow for the memorable trips up the coast and multi location stays deep into the wilderness.


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