Top 5 reasons to buy a campervan

We are all familiar with the impact Covid 19 has had on foreign travel and the popularity of staycations. Data released by CIAA shows every state and territory has experienced a boom in caravan sales and inquiries in recent weeks, are up by 100%. This might be the best time buying a campervan.

Reason 1: Every weekend is an adventure

Imagine getting up on a Saturday, packing a small bag, and hitting the road. Go visit relatives, a National Park, the beach, a campsite. You can plan an activity or just simply see where the road takes you. It’s fantastic for your wellbeing to get away from your routine and the pressures that often overwhelm us at home. The change of scene, a country walk, some fresh air and you can travel as far away as you wish depending on how you feel on the day. With apps such as Wikicamps and All Trails there are so many options on places to visit you’ll never be short of ideas.

buying a campervan

Reason 2: Saving on accomodation costs

You want to go and visit the kids at University, catch up with some friends in Perth or travel to a festival or sports event. Perhaps you just need a change of scene for a few days. We normally use hotels or Airbnb rooms right? The average price of a campsite pitch with electricity is around $50 to $60 per night. With 2 to 4 people travelling that compares very well per head with a cost of $173 for an average hotel room rate (for 2 people) and $241 in Sydney. You have a bed, sink, kitchen facilities including fridge and sink, shower and toilets in motorhomes (and in some campers) and power. You have heating and air-con (in some units) so effectively it’s a mobile hotel room!

Reason 3: You are joining a camping community

#Vanlife is all the rage but long before this owning a camper, caravan or motorhome put you into a rather cool club of people who appreciated the outdoors, sought out adventure, and shared campfire stories over a glass of wine or beer discussing places to visit and types of vans to try and buy. If you have ever been to a Camping Exhibition, you’ll feel the excitement and energy as people explore new vehicles and catch up with old friends. You can join up with the CMCA with years of experience, access to owned RV parks offering discounts and ideas on all things camping for just $44 per year. It’s a true community of like-minded souls.

Reason 4: We think it’s good for your health and wellbeing!

Stick your bike on the back, your kayak on the roof, or just take your hiking boots. Chances are you’ll do more, travel more, learn more and walk more and probably try more exciting activities once you get yourself a cool camper. You’ll wake to the sound of wildlife and sleep under the stars.

Don’t let chilly nights keep you indoors. With the right all-weather gear, you can use your camper all year round. It’s good for your mental health to be outdoors in nature and away from the google box. You’ll become more outdoorsy, more resilient, and more grateful for the simple pleasures in life. What’s more, you get to make memories based on a real adventure with the ones you love.

Reason 5: You can rent out your vehicle when you aren’t using it for, all on your own terms

Being a platform that helps owners rent out their vehicles of course we have to have this in the top 5. Over 500 people now think it’s a good idea too. You choose when you rent it, how much you charge, and Camptoo takes care of marketing, helping with insurance, taking bookings and payments on your behalf. You can vet the renters and decide which bookings you want to take on.

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  1. Great advice for those planning to buy a campervan .I definitely agree with it. Nice pictures shared. It was great reading your blog, very nicely executed. You obviously put a lot of effort into it. Keep it up!

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