Sustainable Travel Tips From Camptoo

In Australia, we are quite lucky when it comes to our access to garbage disposal and recycling options. Of course, some would agree that it’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing – depending on the state, region, local government and the local council our options to be sustainable are varied when traveling.

On holidays convenience sometimes overshadows our eco conscious decisions. We get caught in the moment and choose the easier option. Especially when disposables, takeaway and fast food options are at our fingertips.

sustainable traveler

We at Camptoo, want to focus on providing our customers with eco friendly and sustainable tips that are realistic that can be used when hiring one of our campers and being on the road in Australia. We know it’s not for everyone, but we want to show you just how easy it is!

1. Utilise camp sites

Book into campgrounds for overnight stays or find designated areas that are marked specifically for camping: this reduces damage to natural habitats and environments.

2. Use the natural environment to your advantage

Look for naturally shaded areas when it is hot, and make sure your Camptoo camper has an awning. Workout where the sun is going to be and park accordingly. If it is Winter and cool, head north and always park in the sun. If it’s Summer, head South, stay cool and find some shade. Traveling responsibly during seasons can help to reduce the use of your A/C – wind down the windows and enjoy that fresh air!

3. Use public toilets and roadside facilities when they are available

Chances are your waste is being disposed of properly and avoids pollution to the wrong areas. Make sure to empty your Camptoo sewage and waste at the clearly labelled dump stations.

4. Recycle and compost on your travels

Many parks and campgrounds have the right recycling facilities available. Separating your waste and disposing of it correctly has an incredibly positive impact when you travel. It’s the little things that count. This starts with being a conscious consumer and trying to avoid buying too many wasteful products to begin with.

5. Bring water vessels 

Bring or buy bulk large containers/ bottles and avoid the small single use bottles. If you’re heading out into the Australian bush or desert – make sure not to waste water as it is a valuable resource.

6. Having reusable cooking, crockery and cleaning products in the camper

Cooking and cleaning in the communal campground areas can be a great way to make new friends on trip. This prevents single use plastic plates, cups & cutlery and limits your trash that you need to collect and dispose of. Or, if cooking isn’t for you, avoid takeaway and eat in cafes, restaurants etc.

How to sustainably transport water

These are just a few of our simple tips that can benefit you as the traveller, the environment and can easily make the most of the facilities that we provide in the campers. Once you get a routine on trip going, they become quite easy to follow and second nature!!

Author: Rhiannon Bryant

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