Meet Camptoo Owner: Xanthoula

Meet Queensland based owner Xanthoula and her handsome campervan Hercules!

Camptoo sat down with our beloved owner Xanthoula who is by far one of the sweetest people we know! We asked her to talk about her campervan Hercules and what her journey has been like for her and her family, and how Camptoo has given her the opportunity to share her love for Hercules with other like-minded travellers.

“Hercules has been our beloved campervan to travel around Australia! He has given us the opportunity to go off-the-beaten track and see places we couldn’t imagine before. As we are a family that loves to travel, it gives us the chance to stay close to the beach or in the heart of a forest and wake up by the sounds of nature! It’s our little home on wheels!”.

What has been your experience so far?

Very enjoyable, we make a profit and our vehicle expenses are covered. Meeting people from all around Australia and international travellers (when borders are open). It’s such a great experience to be able to share our campervan and what we enjoy doing with others.

Campervan that has it's cost covered by renting out on Camptoo.

What advice would you give to others who are potentially looking at renting out their vehicle?

Trust Camptoo and you can make a good profit and easily cover your expenses. You will get to meet people along the way and it is a great experience and opportunity.

How easy was it to get started with Camptoo?

Everything was really clear and the customer service was very helpful. Everything was easy!

A neat Campervan listed on Camptoo

Do you feel safe renting out your vehicle?

Yes, I feel safe with the insurance that is in place and on offer for renters in opt’ing for excess risk too. I have seen how supportive and accommodating the customer service team is which is really reassuring.

Any memorable moments or experiences?

We met a really nice family with a baby a few months ago and it was their first trip with a campervan, and the baby was so excited and didn’t want to leave the van at the end! To feel the joy of the parents was so awesome as we had the same experience when we first brought Hercules and had our new born.

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