8 benefits of a staycation holiday

With all of our international travel plans continuing to be on hold for the foreseeable future, we are sure you are not alone in dreaming about your next trip. We believe that the likelihood of domestic travel will be a more viable option before international travel. Whether you are accustomed to the joys a holiday in your own country can bring or not, here is a list of the benefits of a staycation to get you excited for when we are able to move around (a bit more) freely again.

1. Less time spent traveling

Let’s face it, even short plane ride trips will probably take you around the length of a waking day door-to-door, with longer flights bringing it closer to a full 24 hours. That’s a lot of time. You are in danger of spending as much time traveling as you are on your actual holiday.. It’s also exhausting, and recovering from long flights will generally take you at least a day, eating into your very precious holiday time.

2. A more sustainable way to travel

There are lots of different ways to practice responsible tourism and travel in a more sustainable way, a topic that I think affects travelers more with every passing day.

Staycations are one of the ways you can contribute towards reducing carbon emissions associated with planes.

Another benefit of the staycation is that you get to support the local economy, which can help put back some money into well deserved local businesses. When international travel resumes it won’t flood back quickly due to international travel restrictions so staying local will benefit your community.

3. Discovering beautiful places in our backyard

We all dream of sitting on the beach with the sounds of the sea, a fresh drink, and the wind in your face. This seems to be the perfect picture. The farther away the better, but have you ever thought about all the possibilities in your own country. There are so many beautiful places in Australia that you probably don’t know about yet. How fun is it to discover a place in your backyard you never knew existed? For example, have you ever been to these cool places?

13 Strange place to visit in Australia

4. Less planning required

Currency exchange, no. Visa application, nope. Flight booking, checking in, weighing bags, masks unlikely. Research, much less needed, you know what side of the road you drive on, what’s culturally acceptable, how much to tip, etc. Travel insurance, not as essential as your healthcare access should remain unchanged. These are just a few things you don’t have to think or worry about if you do a staycation. For example, rent an RV on Camptoo, find what to do in your area, and go adventuring. As easy as it gets!! 

5. You can relax and unwind more quickly

Not struggling with jet lag, lack of sleep, culture shock, or the adrenaline rush of travel (we all get that right?!) means you can unwind and chill out much more quickly than you would if traveling to a different country.

No matter how you feel about international travel, I wouldn’t call the process relaxing. I am one of those people that loves it. I always find traveling domestically a lot more chilled and consequently, I relax a lot quicker.

6. Saving you money

Ooo, this is most definitely one of my favorite benefits of a staycation, but even keeping to your usual travel style, this should save you a decent chunk on the lack of flights/airport parking/airport pick up alone.

If renting an RV or using your car, while still taking into account any fuel, you would still save on taxis/transport costs as well.

More money in your pocket means a longer holiday and a more luxurious RV!!

7. Better for short breaks

Following on from the points above, if you only have limited travel time, a staycation is a great alternative to an international trip as you spend less time traveling thereby maximizing your precious time. This in turn should lead you to be able to relax quicker which is critical when you are only away for a short break.

I don’t know about you, but I return from international city breaks over a 2/3/4 day period utterly exhausted; I’ve had a great time, yes, but relaxed, recharged, and ready to get back to the daily grind with renewed energy, not so much.

8. Your pooch can come too!

If you have a dog you must love spending time with him or her. Going on a walk and seeing your dog go crazy when it gets the freedom to run wherever it wants always gives you a smile on your face. When you go on holiday abroad you always have to find a place for your dog which can be hard. With a staycation you can bring your dog with you, how wonderful would that be? Are there any better things in life than enjoying and relaxing from your own country and sharing this with your trusted mate? I love to travel and I love my dog, so I am very happy when I get to combine them!

We are Camptoo

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