Best waterfalls near Melbourne

Did you know that there are over 30 waterfalls in and around Melbourne? If you are searching for something to cool you off you may want to do a tour of some of the spectacular waterfalls near Melbourne. Camptoo traveler’s Tommy and Lochie did just that in their own self contained motorhome last month.

Nearest falls to Melbourne NW

One of the closest and nicest waterfalls near Melbourne is Trentham Falls. It’s a short drive NNW at just over 1 hour located in the Hepburn Shire, near Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. This boasts the longest single drop waterfalls in Victoria. Time it right and go after a good downpour you’ll see water gushing some 32 metres over 40,000-year-old basalt cliffs. Follow signs to the Trentham Falls car park, then it’s just a short walk down a signposted path towards the viewing area.

Next door is Sailors Falls also located in Daylesford so why not stop here too. Sailors Falls was a convenient (almost roadside) waterfall situated in the Hepburn Regional Park just south of the historic town of Daylesford.

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Closest Waterfalls SW of Melbourne-Great Otway National Park

Great Otway National park has a nice cluster of waterfalls close to melbourne that is worth a trip. On your way, you will want to stop and check out Erskine Falls. Camptoo travelers Tommy and Lochie stopped by this one and said it was well worth it.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls

If you continue a little further towards the coast from Erskine you can go to Straw, Phantom, Sheoak, Lower and Upper Kalimna.

Triplett Falls- If you’re looking for a quiet place to explore then this is it. It features three cascades that flow through mossy tree ferns and lush green rainforest. You can take the allocated two-kilometre loop train from the Triplet Falls car park for an easy to moderate one-hour walk in the wild.

Beauchamp Falls-Descending towards Beauchamp Falls can feel a little like you’re falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. The good news is the reward is one of Victoria’s best-hidden waterfalls. Take the marked path through mountain ash forests, down a constructed staircase and over a few rocks and you’ll reach this awe-inspiring 20-metre tall cascade. The rocks will be slippery when wet, and keep in mind the walk back is a little steep.

Hopetoun Falls-Another Otway National Park wonder is Hopetoun Falls, a 30-metre-tall waterfall that plummets into the Aire River. Visitors can descend via a well-maintained set of stairs that lead to a viewing platform that’s within spitting distance of the foot of the falls. And when we say spitting distance, we mean it. Prepare to get wet. The walk is a one-kilometre return trip, which should only take about 30 minutes.

Stevenson, Mariners and Carisbrook falls are others in the area you don’t want to miss. Travelers Tommy and Lochie also stopped by Carisbrook. Check out this video for Carisbrook Falls.

Yarra Ranges National Park

Another great place to visit that is not far from Melbourne is the Yarra ranges national park. There are 4 waterfalls in this national park which are perfect to visit for a day trip. There are Cora Lynn falls, Snobs Creek falls, Steavenson falls and Toorongo falls. Snobs Creek Falls is located the most north and Toorongo the most to the south. In between there are Steavenson and Cora Lynn falls. Start in the north or south then go to the one in the middle. Finish your day at the other one.

Snobs creek falls – From the parking bay alongside the unsealed access road, there were two paths to choose from. The path on the right led a mere 25m downhill to some small cascades further upstream of the Snobs Creek Falls. The path on the left descended and followed Snobs Creek for about 100m before reaching some newly-built metal walkway and viewing platform near the top of the main drop of the falls. Almost immediately downstream were more drops but there was no safe way to view them.

Stevenson falls – Has tiers with a cumulative drop of 84m making it one of Victoria’s tallest waterfalls. At about 300m into the short walk, there is a lookout of most of the drop of Steavenson Falls right where three or four other spur tracks branch off.

To get there drive to Steavenson Falls carpark, which is located 3km along bitumen on Falls Road. Alternatively take the Tree Fern Gully Trail, a scenic 3.4 one-way walk from the heart of town to the base of Steavenson Falls.

Cora Lynn falls – You can take the Cumberland Walk to get to Cora Lynn Falls. This walk was surrounded by many ferns, moss-covered tall trees, and was pretty quiet. It is a fairly short walk to get to this waterfall (on the order of 20 minutes) with some minor elevation loss and gain.

Toorongo falls – Toorongo Falls is an impressively tall waterfall around 30 a 40 meters high fall with reliable flow on the Little Toorongo River. To experience the Toorongo Falls you have the option of doing a 1.2km out-and-back walk or doing a longer 2.2km loop walk that included the nearby Amphitheatre Falls.

The drive to Toorongo Falls follows the stunning Toorongo River and is lined with rolling green hills and native bushland, to provide you with a beautiful scenic drive on your way to the falls. The drive ends as you reach the Toorongo Falls Reserve and offers a place to park your car before entering the reserve.

If you are a fan of hiking you might want to check out the 13.1-mile loop of Phantom Falls, Cora Lynn Cascades, Lemonade Creek, and Erskine Falls. The hike is a moderately trafficked trail located near Lorne, Victoria, Australia that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options.

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