Why you should rent your RV now

Campers stand still for an average of 48 weeks a year and we think that's a shame! Certainly this year, everyone will discover how great camping is and that is why rental companies will soon have a shortage of campers for the summer. Read here how you keep full control and earn money with your camper.

Why rent now?

Campers have never been so popular! Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people see their vacation plans abroad go up in smoke and look for an alternative. An alternative where they have the freedom to change their plans at the last minute and don’t have to deal with crowds. The use of your own sanitary facilities is another huge plus. And we see that in the numbers: we already have four times as many booking requests as this same time last year!

Shortage of vehicles

A few million (flight) holidays are cancelled this year and those holidaymakers will find an alternative in campers, caravans and holiday homes. Travellers are now looking to holiday within our own backyard that is Australia and discover that there is plenty to see and do. If you take that into consideration and then add the people who would already go on holiday with a camper or caravan, then we are starting to run low on the availability of campers, especially for in the summer! In addition, we predict that the season will also continue for longer because holidays will be moved from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2020 and of course into 2021.

Relying on campsite facilities or to go self-sufficient?

Before you hit the road it is important to see what is available at the campsite. Can you empty your greywater and your toilet at the campsite? Are all it’s facilities still open? And can you get clean water at the campsite? Some sites with shared facilities such as bathrooms and cooking areas remain closed until further notice with no certainty as to when things will be back in full swing. What we do notice is that people like the idea of ​​being self-sufficient. Even if your camper or caravan does not have these facilities, you can still make it self-sufficient!

There are different types of chemical toilets that you can take with you to the campsite, The most famous is the “Porta Potty”. Other portable toilets are also available from any major camping and outdoors stores such as AnacondaBCFSnowy’s and Aussie Disposals. Complete this with a sun shower in a bag and you have your bathroom complete! For your privacy, the multipurpose shower, toilet or changing tents are a real solution. This way you are easily self-sufficient and therefore even freer!

How does hiring out my vehicle work?

We try to make this as easy as possible! You fill in the details of your vehicle on our website, take photos and enter a description of your camper or caravan. You decide when and to whom you rent it to, what the pick-up times are and price of the rental per night. Camptoo charges a service fee (commission) at the point in time of rental to the hirer so you pay nothing at all. We can then advise you on taking out insurance based on your vehicle. Then voila! You are ready to start receiving requests!

Once your ad complete you can receive requests from potential renters. You talk to them about their holiday plans and you decide whether they can rent your vehicle. They then pick up the camper from your home (or otherwise agreed location) and you can then explain everything about how the camper or caravan works during handover.

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Have more questions for us? No problem, you can contact us at support@camptoo.com.au or call us on 03 9988 6111 for more information and assistance.

Happy trails

Camptoo Support Team

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