Camptoo Investment opportunity – Webinar event, Wednesday 26th June

Camptoo is offering owners the ability to invest in the company you work with everyday.

As a loyal and supportive owner of Camptoo, I’d like to let you know that we’re currently going through an investment round to help support the next phase of our business development.

Since we launched, just over two years ago, we’ve seen some amazing growth here in Australia. With over a 200% revenue increase this past year, expectations are that this will continue to accelerate as we invest more into the business in the future. Instrumental in our success, we’re now offering our owners a limited share investment opportunity in Camptoo. With the benefit of an immediate return on any investment, you can now become a shareholder for as little as a $25 investment.

Why are we doing this?
The equity raise enables us to further accelerate our growth in Australia. With the investment, we can list more vehicles, invest in more owner and renter customer support programs, but most importantly, increase awareness of Camptoo’s rental offering to the public. Interested? then register here for more information on our planned investment campaign.

How does it work?
You can become a co-owner in Camptoo from as little as $25 via our UK based crowdfunding platform Seedrs. There are a range of options available to you, along with increased benefits the more you invest.

  • Invest $2,000 AUD and receive an instant $100 from the next service fee payment (5% profit)
  • Invest $4,000 AUD and instantly receive an instant $300 from the next two service fees (7.5% profit)
  • Invest $7,500 AUD and instantly receive an instant $750 from the service next fee (10% profit)

How much return can I expect?
Shares in Camptoo yield returns in two ways: a) annual dividends and b) when offered for sale at a higher value. The largest return comes from selling your shares. This can be done any time using Seedrs “secondary market” to trade your shares. Otherwise, in case when Camptoo gets sold or does do an IPO in a number of years, you automatically share in the increase (or decrease) in valuation. This can potentially be more than 10x the original investment.

What makes this a great opportunity?
The Global camping market is worth tens of billions of dollars and Camptoo is among the fastest growing technology companies within this space, both here and in Europe. Significant value then is created in sharing motorhomes and touring caravans as you may have experienced yourself. By investing directly in shares in our holding company, you can immediately benefit from further growth, not just here, but in all markets. You have the opportunity to invest in a market that is developing at a record pace, don’t miss out. To find out more register here at

Camptoo crowdfunding online webinar and workshop – Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th June!
We have two session times this Wednesday 26th, at 4pm and 8pm, if you’re interested to find out more and potentially take up this investment opportunity. If you would like to meet with us from either the convenience of your home or by coming into our offices, please let us know by signing up here. Can’t make it? No problem, we’ll be recording the sessions – just go into the sign up form and tick the option that will let us send you access details after the event.

What will we cover?
In session, you’ll be presented with our growth plans, how the money will be invested, what returns we’re expecting and how crowdfunding via Seedrs works.

We look forward to seeing you there

Kind regards, on behalf of the entire team,
Country Manager, Camptoo Austalia

PS: Why crowdfunding via Seedrs?
We feel that investing in Camptoo should be as simple as possible for you. Seedrs is one Europe’s largest crowdfunding platforms. This campaign not only helps to raise money, but also to increase brand awareness and to get more ambassadors. We feel this is a win-win for both you and Camptoo.

PPS: Holdup! This is the first time crowdfunding for me!
See for a simple and clear explanation on how to setup your account at Seedrs.

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