Get your camping vehicle rented out!

Did you know that as an owner you can make a real difference in getting more rentals with a clear and complete ad of your camping vehicle? Here are 4 easy steps to getting more rental requests.

Step 1: Take clear photos of your camper

Good photos are important, because your photos give renters a lasting first impression and they decide whether to continue reading or not. It is easy to take great photos with a smartphone these days. A few rules of thumb:

  • Take horizontal/ landscape photos, because this way you capture much more than when you take vertical photos
  • Publish at least 10 photos, inside and out. This way, your advertisement rates higher in the search results and you increase your chances of receiving requests
  • Choose as the first photo a nice holiday style photo. With this, you are immediately giving out an impression of what the renters holiday could be like
  • Take photos of the interior and of the driver’s side. Renters find it important to see that the interior is clean and tidy, it can make a real difference! If there are any stand out amenities, show these as well.

Create atmosphere in your photos

For the other photos in your ad, it’s smart to take photos in nature or at an attractive camping site. Dress up your vehicle by, for example, turning off the awning and putting the outside table and chairs in front of the door. Show renters how much fun it is to travel with your camper.

Also make sure you take photos of your camper from every angle:

  • (diagonally) from the front
  • from behind
  • from both sides
  • of every room inside (with the lights on)

You can find more photography tips here.

Step 2: Write a promotional text

Give a good general description of your camper and any equipment that’s included to win the renter over. In the description, explain why you purchased the vehicle and why you like it on the road. For example, because your camper is ideal for going on holiday with the whole family. Also, explain why fellow travellers would like to journey with your camper or caravan. Keep it personal.

Step 3: Write something about yourself

A profile photo and a description of the you can really help you kick start things. In the same way as you’d like to know more about your potential renters, they would similarly like to know more about the person they’re renting from. That is why we recommend uploading a profile photo, giving a few sentences about you and why you love camping For example: why do you have a camper or caravan, how long have you had this and where do you like to go? Take advantage: we see that owners with a personal profile receive more requests than those that don’t. Here is an example of a good personal description to get you started:

Step 4: Update your calendar and prices

To ensure that you receive the right rental requests, we recommend that you keep your calendar up to date and block the periods in which you are traveling. We also recommend using different prices depending on the season. In the high season you can ask for a higher night price, for example, because the demand for camping vehicles is higher. In the off season you can choose to give a discount to make your camper more attractive when there is less demand. Another tip is to offer renters a discount should they wish to rent your vehicle long term. For more information on how to update your calendar and manage your rates please click here.

Latest tips

  • Add a floorplan to the photos.  A floorplan gives renters who have never traveled with a camping vehicle a good picture of the layout and what they can expect. You can find a floorplan for your type of camper on the internet. In the photo overview you can designate the image as a map by moving the mouse over the image and selecting “Floorplan” at the bottom right. The floorplan is now displayed in the Facilities section of the ad.
  • Add all the facilities of your camping vehicle. During their search for the ideal motorhome, fellow campers filter on all desired amenities. In this way you let them know what your camping vehicle has to offer.

Have more questions for us? No problem, you can contact us at or call us on 03 9988 6111 for more information and assistance.

Happy trails

Camptoo Support Team


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