Caravan Travel in Australia: Great people to follow

With Australia being such a vast and expansive country to explore, there is no better way to explore than with a caravan. With caravan travel having a long history in Australia and continuing to rise in popularity, Camptoo thought we would put together a comprehensive list of people who are out on the road. Travelling Australia by caravan is one of the best ways to see the country. We highlighted these people because they are all living life to the fullest and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape team have over 30,000 likes on Facebook and have created a great following. It’s easy to see why. They have been travelling on the road and working their way around Australia since January 2016 with a 4yo in our Cub Camper. They have some awesome practical advice about living on with a budget. By following their Facebook page travelling Australia is truly accessible to many families. They also shoot some awesome photos that highlight the amazing country we live in!

caravan travel

The awesome Great Escape team

We’re ‘The Great Escape – Australia’, a young family who has been travelling Australia full time in a hard floor Cub Camper trailer for over 2 years.

We left without much money so we work as we go, and we keep costs down by free camping wherever possible. We love life on the road, and can’t see us settling down to ‘real’ life anytime soon!

caravan travel australia

The Great Escape setting up camp for the night.

The Great Escape team show that travelling Australia can be done on any budget and do a great job of showing their audience how it can be done. Follow their Facebook page to keep up with the adventure and give you some inspiration for living life to the absolute full!

Keep it up!

One Day we Should

One day we should have also created a huge following by posting awesome content for their followers. They are big believers of living in the NOW and only having one shot at this thing called life. We love their honesty when it comes to caravanning around Australia. They post awesome photos and offer practical advice, truly inspirational guys, keep it up!

caravan travel australia

The One Day we Should rig in action

I am Kirby- 29 years old, mum of 3, adventure seeker!! I’m a qualified gymnastics coach, and before becoming a stay at home Mum I ran the local gymnastics club in Wynyard, Tasmania!

Gibbo- aka ‘Macgyver’, 32 years old, qualified electrician. All round handy man who can fix and make anything and everything!! (The best kind of man to travel Australia with). Gibbo is also a fantastic hands on Dad. He has definitely earnt this quality time spent with the kids and I!

We have 3 rug rats – Axl 6 years old (boy)
– Darci 4 years old (girl)
– Bonnie 2 years old (girl)
This year Axl is compulsory school age. So we’ve signed him up with E-school in Tasmania.

caravan travel australia

The One Day we Should team

We set off around Australia in May 2017 since then we have just completed our first full lap, with no signs of stopping!

One day we Should was something we always said… One day we Should visit here, one day we should do this, one day we should do that….until we realised life is too short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow! So we sold our Tasmanian farm, all our possessions and down sized to living in a caravan. We are now on the road full time exploring our huge backyard that is AUSTRALIA. We FREE-CAMP everywhere and believe even by travelling on a BUDGET we are not missing out on anything!!

Caravan travel australia

Life doesn’t have to be a chore.

They offer some great advice and we really hope you give them a follow to keep up to date with their adventures. They have an awesome Facebook page and Instagram. They also offer a heap of info on awesome Free camps. Keep being awesome guys!

Our Family Getabout

The Our Family Getabout team are awesome to follow as they complete an epic caravan adventure around Australia. It’s not about completing the big lap, they prefer to take their time and soak it all up. This is great for people that follow them as they continue to create really useful content for people who want to travel Australia by caravan.

Hi, we are Justine & Matt and with our two daughters (Madeleine & Isabella ) we make Our Family Getabout. We have been travelling and working around Australia for the past 4 years. We originally left Brisbane with the idea of travelling Australia for 18 months but considering we didn’t get out of Queensland in that time, we realised that this trip was more of a lifestyle change for us.

caravan travel

The Our Family Getabout team

Instead of conquering the “Big Lap” all at once, we decided to take it a lot slower and work our way around. This has been the best decision we have made and now we have a lifestyle that we love.

caravan travel

A picture perfect camp for the night

Our days are filled with seeing new and amazing places, schooling our children and fishing where ever we can. To keep our costs down we love to free camp as much as possible. If you have a dream to travel then please get out there and DO IT. Australia is a beautiful country and every Australian should get out there and see it.

caravan travel

Dinner around a barbie, is there anything better?

Our Family Getabout are always posting fantastic photos and tips. Follow them on Facebook or visit their awesome blog. Keep being legends guys!

Fulltime Caravanning

Sue and Larry of Fulltime Caravanning are truly living life. They have just completed their first of many laps and are very generous sharing the information with people that are interested. They share awesome reviews on campsites and info for being on the road, all sprinkled with a bit of classic Aussie humour.

caravan australia

The Fulltime Caravanning rig

In 2016 we hit the road in our self contained caravan which is all setup for free camping and so far have completed our first of many laps.

We work to save when needed, so far at a cattle station and a tropical island. Work is always out there!

Farm sitting is also a great way for us to stop cheaply and check out the local area.

caravan travel

Another glass please! What a sunset

We write about all our adventures to show anyone can live the dream.

Give the Fulltime Caravaning team a follow on Facebook. They also have a website that is full of handy tricks and tips.

Lost and Loving It

The Lost and Loving It team have been living the dream for sometime now and have built up an amazing audience of dedicated followers. They offer plenty of advice on where to stay, awesome ideas for family activities and other camping hacks.

caravan travel

The Lost and Loving it team

We are Joe, Noela, Rob and Abby; the adventure loving Australian and world travelling “Lost and Loving It” family.We realised early on, that we did not want to lose the best parts of our young children’s lives on endless chores, over committed jobs and debts; so instead we decided to pack up our lives and launched ourselves into full time family travel.

caravan travel

The Lost and Loving It setup

We share our families’ fun, experiences and travelling tips on our Travel Blog; as we just say YES to adventures, NO to regrets and give our kids the best education and childhood that we possibly can. We experience the positive benefits of a family travelling together everyday, and truly love to inspire other families with our Blog to travel more in Australia and overseas.

caravan travel

Life is a beach!

If you would like to be more “Lost and Loving It” too, we’d love to hear from you, and for you to connect with us on our Travel Blog and social media channels.
Happy adventuring!

As you can see the Lost and Loving It team really get out and enjoy life. The next part of their plan is to head to New Zealand  South America and backpack with the kids! You can learn more on their website, Facebook page or Instagram. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

5 in a Van with no plan

Phill and Nikki have been doing caravan travel in Australia since early 2017. They offer some great tips on how to do it cost effectively with plenty of free camping and how to get the most value for money. Here at Camptoo we think the best fun is free fun and 5 in a Van with no plan are definitely living that motto.

caravan australiaAnother awesome free-camping spot

We are 5 In A Van With No Plan and have been travelling our magnificent country since May 2017. We homeschool our 3 girls, aged 1, 5 & 7, and work when the bank balance gets a bit low or when an opportunity arises.

caravan Australia

The family before a hike.

We have no plan as to where we go but intend to explore the great unknown as well as the popular sights. To try and make the money go further, we try to free camp as much as possible and house-sit on occasion.

Our tow rig is a Mitsubishi 4×4 Canter which we purchased second hand and are slowly and altering to be more suitable, and our van is an Elite Hume with triple bunks for our 3 girls.

caravan australia

A versatile set up.

Follow them on Instagram and like their awesome Facebook page to keep updated on their caravan travel in Australia. If you see them on the road, give them a wave 🙂

Our Lap of a lifetime

Our Lap of a Lifetime are a great page to follow if you are still in the “thinking about caravan travel in Australia” stage. They are in the midst of getting their caravan set up for the big trip. They are putting together a great resource on their website for others to make the big jump to fulltime travel.

We are a family of 6 (Doug, Skye, Mikaylah 17, Billie 15, Addisyn 8 and Oliver 6) about to embark on an epic journey around Australia. We have sold our house and moved into our caravan and are currently caretaking at the local showground so we can save our pennies for the trip.

Saving up for the big trip, the whole family is working hard!

Our departure date is 27th December 2018. We are currently preparing our car, caravan, and family for this amazing adventure. You can follow our journey on our Facebook page and we also have a website. At this stage, we are taking 12 months off work and enrolling the children in distance education. The hubby and I have been planning this trip for approximately 3 years. We are all super excited about getting out there and exploring our big backyard we call Australia. 😀

You can keep up to date with them on Facebook or check out their awesome blog. We wish you all the best guys and thanks for providing such an amazing resource. It’s going to be amazing when you finally hit the road!

Hillbillys on the Road

The Hillbillys on the Road are a great family to follow as they share the honest truth of what travelling as a family is like. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns and they tell it how it is! We love their honesty when it comes to living a life of adventure.

We in our early 30’s with a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. We have a keen ambition to explore this great country of ours whilst dealing with everything that comes with having toddlers.
We started travelling prior to having children and were lucky enough to see a lot of places. Having children hasn’t stopped us, but strengthened our desire to travel more and teach our children the best Australia has to offer right in our backyard.

caravan australia

They made it all the way to Alice Springs.

We have done a half lap in 2017 which we are currently blogging about. We are in the plans to do a full lap in 2020 and we will be homeschooling our eldest daughter. We are taking this time to document our planning process, prepping ourselves, our prado and caravan. We have been doing small weekend trips lately which we not only use for holidays and relaxing adventures but use as shake down trips for trialling new things or just seeing what else we need to prep or pack for those larger adventures that await.

caravan australia

Home is where you park it.

Thanks for keeping us up to date and we look forward to talking again soon. You can follow them on Facebook or check out their blog. Awesome stuff guys.


Hippo’s Escape the Zoo

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Hippos running rampant through town after breaking free from the Zoo. Well, we are lucky it isn’t true and instead it’s a name of a family from the Central Coast getting out and exploring Australia.

He said “Lets travel Australia”
3 Days later….
She said “I can’t think of a reason not too”
(Usually I get cut down on obscure ideas haha)

caravan australia

We are a family of 5 (3 boys 2,4 and 6) from the Central Coast, NSW. We have always loved camping but had never ventured into the caravanning world until planning this trip (1 lap in 1 year). The day we left was our first use of the van so we were flying completely blind, haha. We had also never owned a car worth more than $5000, driven off-road, been to the outback, free-camped or schooled a child, however, we were happy to learn on the fly. Our caravan is self-sufficient (bar a toilet and shower) and we never feel restricted by where we can stay, and we prefer to spend our time in free or low-cost camps and national parks.

caravan australia

This has expanded our love of the ocean into new experiences; we now have a love for hiking. Our 3 rugrats have barely settled in, but they certainly have gained a taste for adventure. Our 2 year old awes at a WA sunset, our 4 year old loves a good scramble up a mountain and our 6 year old loves the clear blue waters and can cast like a pro. Day to day the chores remain, water is precious and the kids still scream, but at the same time we are experiencing an absolutely amazing country that somehow we were oblivious to, but that naivety tends to wow us around every corner. We often have a saying along the way which rings true the longer we are on the road;

A place can be naturally stunning, have perfect waves and fishing or be over run with flies and ants, however, what really makes the memories last, are the people you meet and the inspiration you get from all walks of life.

You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with everything that is going on. They have some great advice on free camping spots and not breaking the bank to travel Australia. They show that it is possible and you only live once 🙂

Our Epic LifeStyle

We love the great tips and content that Shaun and Carmen produce as they travel Australia with their two boys Tyler and Billy and their two dogs. They have been living on the road permanently for a while now so know a thing or two and update there Facebook and blog frequently.

caravan australia

I (Shaun) am personally driven by the unknown and never plan because something always comes up. Carmen, my wife, is totally opposite. She must know every in and out, dots her I’s and crossed her T’s before she makes a decision. I go to the beach within 5 seconds of making the decision. Carmen will pack 2 towels, the umbrella, sunscreen, cooler bag with snacks and water and go and get changed and 30 minutes later she’s off to the beach lol.

I was driven to travel to show the kids what an amazing place we live in and give them an experience of a lifetime. I’m lucky in a way that all I need to do is get to an airport to go to work. So we’re still earning an income whilst travelling. If you asked me prior to travelling could you do it and get work as you go I would have said no. But after being on the road for 4 months, your living expenses can be so low that you don’t need a massive income to travel.

caravan australia

Shaun, Carman Tyler and Billy make up Our epic Lifestyle

So yes, you can do it as a family and get out and travel full time. The hardest part is what you choose to travel in and the expenses you’re prepared to pay to build your set up. But I’ve seen families doing it in their 4WD and an awning, swag and an esky and they still have the same smile on their faces as we do.

For us, we took our lifestyle and passions with us.  A fully set up CrossFit style equipment. Fitness and health is our passion and our lifestyle as well as an income, so it made sense to pack that first.

caravan australia

Make sure you have room for your passions on the road.

Then our dogs are a huge part of our family so they joined our journey too. Kids schooling was so important as they love school. So we’ve got a great system we use to enrol them into local schools prior to arriving in the towns we visit. Overall, we’re still evolving, still learning and the reason we’ve branded ourselves in social media and designed a website is to hopefully inspire other families to do so and learn from our experiences.

I just love sharing how you can do things in life differently. I guess having so many set backs in my life from Cancer, to Comas, to 26 broken bones and all the medical conditions I’ve encountered, but then been on the happy end of the stick playing AFL with the Western Bulldogs and the Geelong Cats, been a high ranked Athlete in athletics. I won 6 gold and a silver in October at the Australian Masters Games in October last year. Furthermore, there is my claim to fame, hahaha, when competing on the Channel 7 series Gladiators back in 2007. My wife Carmen always hangs so much crap on me about that, hahaha.

We think being able to take your passions on the road is pretty special and the positivity that Our Epic Lifestyle share is contagious. They have an awesome website full of awesome content including awesome destinations, tips on travelling with kids and some fantastic reviews.

Beauchamp’s Big Lap

The Beauchamps are an inspiration for any family that feels like work is getting int the way of family time. From working 70 hours weeks to hitting the road, this is a little bit about them.

We are the Beauchamp family of 5, taking time off from the daily grind to explore and reconnect. We have Matthew and Lisa (we have been together for 15 years) and our 3 kids – Amelia 6, Grayson 4 and Tatum 2.

caravan travel

The Beauchamp Big Lap team

Matty is a production manager for a joinery company and was working 60-70 hours a week. This left little family time or energy. Lisa is a teacher and had the flexibility to have some time off from teaching.
Matty had a dream for as long as we could remember to travel Australia in a caravan. So we sold our house and made the best life decision to travel around our beautiful country.

caravan australia

The Beauchamp’s set up for their caravan adventure.

We drive in a Holden Colorado 7 and pull a Jayco Starcraft 19.61-3. Perfect fit for our needs.
As a family there are so many things we enjoy doing together. We love “adventure walks” such as a hike, bush walk or walking track! We love searching for wildlife and exploring their habitats.

caravan australia

Making use of the free camps is an awesome option.

Free camps and low cost camps are the way we like to travel! However, we do enjoy splashing out on a caravan park often too! Beer o’clock is daily and time together is priceless.

You can follow them on their Facebook page or their blog. They didn’t want to wait until they were Grey Nomads to explore so we hope they inspire a few people to make the jump!

Sparky’s on the Loose

If you scroll through the Facebook page, Instagram feed and Youtube channel of Sparky’s on the Loose we hope your eyes are ready for some serious joy. Sparky’s on the Loose are experts in capturing their epic caravan adventures around Australia. They have some awesome advice on what caravan trips to do and share fantastic videos that really do highlight what a marvellous country Australia is.

caravan travel

The team that makes up Sparky’s on the Loose

G’day folks, our names are Amyee & Kurtis – we are two electricians who got sick of working the normal 9 to 5 job in the city and decided to pack up and hit the road with our dog ‘Rusty’. We took off in March 2017 and haven’t looked back since, or set an end date to our trip yet. Our setup is our good old faithful 2003 D22 Nissan Navara and a 2005 off-road Coromal pop-top caravan.

caravan travel

Epic shot of the Western Explorer road

Even though we have a caravan, we still love to drag it along onto the dirt tracks and aren’t shy of a challenge. We have been filming our adventures along the way and sharing our epic campsites & experiences on our YouTube channel.

caravan travel

One of the epic free campsites

They have only just begun their epic journey so tune in and follow them as they visit more spectacular locations and free camps throughout Australia.

The Sox Experience

The Sox Experience have sold everything that doesn’t fit in their Expanda and are on the road, it looks like they are having a wild ride and Camptoo love keeping up to date with their caravan travel adventures.

We are the Stockings Family, Dad – Soxy, Mum – Rinna, Zade – 4 & Molly – 2 and we’re from Coobowie on the Yorke Peninsula in SA. We have a thirst for the outdoors, camping & 4WD and we want to experience it all – there is no time like the present!

caravan travel

The Sox Experience set up

After a 3 week holiday to WA in September and October 2016 in our parent’s camper trailer we asked ourselves: “Why aren’t we doing this – travelling more with our kids?” The seed was planted!

We bought a second hand Jayco Expanda caravan, sold our house and all our belongings and “The Sox Experience” was born.

caravan travel

The Sox Experience team

They post great tips and travel ideas for families travelling Australia by caravan and you can check them out on Facebook. They also have an Instagram with some epic shots.


My Rig Adventures

The team at My Rig Adventures will be on the road full-time very soon. They have been planning and modifying their caravan for the last 18 months and are really looking forward to putting it to the test. Life isn’t a chore and My Rig Adventures is a great team to follow if you are looking at travelling Australia in a caravan.


Hi there we are Allan, Emma, Dominic and Indii. Collectively we are MY RIG Adventures! We were fed up with eat-sleep-work-school-repeat, so we sold the lot in mid 2016 to live the simple life in a caravan.

caravan travel

The My Rig Adventures team are almost ready to go.

Since then we’ve been exploring South-East QLD and Northern NSW, whilst modifying our set-up to be fully self-sufficient. We are now only a few weeks away from hitting the road full time with no end date in sight!

caravan travel

The caravan set up has been perfected.

Allan is a Truck Driver and jack-of-all-trades, plus Emma is a writer, so between us we will pick up whatever work we can along the way and continue to homeschool the kids. They are loving their wall-less classroom! We will be mostly Free Camping our way across this great southern land and just following the wind. If you’re interested in following our adventures, we’d love to have you along for the ride! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.”

We look forward to following them as they start their journey. Give them a bit of encouragement and check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Good luck guys! You won’t need it 😉

Nourished Wanderings

The Nourished Wanderings squad are one of those families that love to get off the beaten track. They don’t stick to the main roads and we loved their quote “Adventure begins when phone coverage ends.”.

caravan travel

Nourished Wanderings out exploring

Two years ago our family was stuck in a bit of a rut…we didn’t actually know it at the time of course, we had just accepted that juggling work, small kids and a big mortgage meant that most of the fun things in life had to be put on hold for a little bit or squashed into the odd weekend away or holiday!
Our lightbulb moment happened mid 2016 when we realised that unless we actively pursued a life of adventure, fun and freedom we would be stuck juggling those boring bits for another 20 years.

caravan travel

The epic Nourished Wanderings setup

Within 3 months we had sold our home and all of our belongings and set off on a lap of Australia in our camper trailer! What a fantastic first 6 months we had, we were absolute novices on a huge learning curve but we loved it. The kids had gone from needing to be constantly told how to entertain themselves without a TV and a room full of toys to spending hours playing in the dirt with a couple of matchbox cars. And we no longer clocked up hours of mindless viewing in front of the TV every night, but went to bed early after sitting around a campfire under the stars chatting about our day.

caravan travel

Another great spot for the night

The things that we truly valued…each other, our health and shared adventure have now become the basis for our “Nourished Wanderings” around this beautiful country.

Camptoo loves the way that the Nourished Wanderings have taken a really holistic view of what travel can mean for families. At the end of the day, life is for living and we think the Nourished Wanderings offer a fantastic example. You can follow them on Facebook. Keep taking the path less travelled guys!


Thanks to everyone who featured in this blog.

They certainly offer some great advice for travelling Australia in a caravan. We really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers and we look forward to keeping up to date with them in the future. If you know of anyone else that should be on this list, let us know 🙂

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  1. Libby says:

    How wonderful to see so many young families doing the Big Australian Lap while they can… and not worrying about house, jobs, rountines… and essentially giving themselves and their young children the greatest gift of all.. MEMORIES… proud of you all… Good Luck and Enjoy…

    • louisgreen says:

      Hi Lily
      Thanks for reading and we think they are all doing a pretty amazing job of creating memories.

  2. We started full time caravanning around Australia in November 2016 and currently don’t have an end date. We want to share our full time journey with you .

  3. I really like that the One Day we Should team free-camps everywhere with their caravan. That’s one of the main reasons that I would like to buy one. It sounds like it would be a great way to see the country on a budget and you would be able to still have enough room for a family of 4.

  4. How Long Does it Take to Travel Around Australia ? 14 Days. Easy – 15,823km to circumnavigate the continent on Highway 1. Throw in a 20 hour return ferry trip to include Tasmania and by averaging 60kph, with fuel stops – then 14 days is possible.

  5. In 2016, the crude divorce rate (divorces per 1,000 Australian residents) was the lowest since 1976. Population and households. … Child Family Community Australia ;

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